Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Let Your Self Win (in a good way)

Once upon a time, in the late of night. A lady with a pretty blue dress, sitting down alone in the backyard. Her face was a sad-long look alike. Her blue tears make her blue eyes like want to blow up the things from her mind.

She just wishing for the right direction, from the right person that she can listen to. She text one of her best friend, and try to describe all the things in eight paragraph on messaging. And this is what's her mind telling us:

"The hardest-easy night was begun on Tuesday: we had a big fight--I mean a very big one. That time-moment was gone fast, and suddenly only one mistake, has blown away his mind.

I couldn't analyze, what's the main problem of this? He think that am controlling him, but I feels: opposite.

That night, we end up like he left me and just go! Out from the car: "I need time to be myself," he says. And I say "OK."

Until the time on the phone--two days later: he say bad thing and yelling at me--something that really hurts me (imagine this word, came after a long-talk-conversations).

Well... the word came out because of my fault too, it's because am yelling too. My feedback was, crying. And I says: "You can mad with me, but please don't throw me that word."

I cried until he ask me to wait (his best friend waiting on the second line) then he push the 'hold button', but I hang the phone. Done.

He tried to call back. Shame of me--I didn't pick it up. A minute after, I text him: "You don't have to worry about me anymore, thank you for everything".

And that was the last time, we talked. He didn't reply, tho'. Until today...
So you tell me? How am I not going to worry bout him?" asked the lady.

From the story, we can learn how to be passion is a better idea when emotional come. In our mind, we think the scenario probably will be turn into a different phase if the lady can calm a bit. This is what you have to deal as a woman, listen, listen, listen, then splint the good things. Man can follow your rule afterward. The line up can bring yourself more then just a winner.

Happy night!

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