Sunday, 8 April 2012

Crossing The Street

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I really don't understand with today-attitude of people.

While am with a bunch of friends, walking along a street to find our dinner. Yet we need to cross, the place is in the opposite of our rows. Well, anyway, our crossing's style it's actually not in a proper way to do. There is no allowing-cross sign. It's definitely false. Yet we still crossed. But I know one thing, while am crossing I need to slow down and see the both side, left and right. So whenever the green light are ready and told me to go, then I will run as fast as I can. Though the street are empty and no cars in the distance.

But, my friends, while my legs are keep running, they was like in a laid-back style, walk easy, and very slow. I swing my hand and grab his, I say "Come on, buddy, we should run." and he said "Why rush, there are no cars crossing us." At that moment, I thought is it me, act like am paranoid, or is it them who underestimate the risks? He must be crazy, then.

I against those kinda thought. I think when we try to do something that shouldn't we do, then we must be doubly careful than usual. Specially when it talks about facing dangers and someone's life. We don't want to put people in trouble for what we do. You may not only endanger yourself but also others.


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