Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Point When Alert

There are so many things happening lately. It really is confusing. Things that undermine the content of the brain until I was at alert stage. Things that are damaging and potentially destroying the focal point. I will not let it happen. No one can destroy what I have painstakingly correct. I will not let people rob what I dreamed.

One can only assume, leaving the impression, judging and assume that their true self. People should know that there is a truth behind the truth. People should realize and understand the balancing of "mind". We can not always please people. And I'm learning, you win some, you lose some. And sometimes how beautiful the pros and cons of it are present in the midst of an argument.

People seem to start removing an important process - discussions. We need to discuss and review issues carefully until the results of saying "this is perfect". Until the time we closed and lay the body, we fell asleep happy, because we do a method called thinking. I guess I'll fight it right this time. There is no worse enemy than silence when discontent sets in. I'm not going to shut down and false my mouth again. We have a voice and way of thinking that deserves to be heard. All are free to have opinions. And if it's like a high wall began to collapse, I'll hold it back before it was collapsed. No one else could make me go back to thinking the worst in life. I will conduct stringent protection against heart and mind. Now is the time to go forward - looking back and looking further without stopping. Without a point.

Straight your mind.

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