Monday, 22 October 2012


Not many things work perfectly the first time--new product development is a labyrinth of wrong routes and dead ends.

And, yes! Ideas need noodling and tinkering and fiddling to become workable.

So, let's move to nurture the good idea. Spend a little, not a lot.

Tinker with the concept. And then, tailor it to better fill the needs of the target audience.

And most importantly, try something. Try this, try that. Do: something make an ad concept, build a prototype, give out samples.

Then tinker some more, tailor it a bit, and try again.

But (let say) If it's a bad idea, what will be happen? (well) you'll know it. Drop it. If it's a good idea, you'll now be able to sell it to the corporation.

(keep this your number one highlighted) Note to self: Don't talk, don't have meetings, don't write memos. Before you get know whether it's a bad or it's a good idea. You will know.


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